Direct Booking Advantages
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  • Welcome Aperitif
  • Minibar complimentary
  • Free Transfer to/from Brindisi Airport and Train Station for Minimum 3 Nights Stay
  • Free bike

Vegetable garden

Organic garden and chickens

All the food we serve comes straight from our vegetable garden. We tend to it with care and respect. No fertilizers, no pesticides, just seeds, water and sun.
We have been an organic farm for the last 15 years. Those tomatoes we serve coated in olive oil and oregano on top of our ‘frise’? We grow them.

Also peppers, courgettes, squash, fennel, peas and broccoli, all destined to be cooked in excellent pasta dishes. Our aubergines almost ‘literally’ walk from our garden to the kitchen every morning. The vegetables we don’t manage to use during the day become food for our chickens, who in exchange give us the eggs we serve for breakfast. The real author of our seasonal menu is the garden, the chef is the executor.